About Luca

Luca was born in Rome, Italy, and raised in the seacoast city of Anzio, one of the most pivotal places in the outcome of World War II. There, he spent much time with his maternal grandfather, Bruno, who would often sing romantic serenades to Luca. During WWII, Zanna's family was under German occupation, and they were liberated by American soldiers, so he was raised with deep respect and admiration for the American people who sacrificed their lives for their freedom (listen to his song ‘Thank You America‘). 

During his Convitto Nazionale boarding school experience, at age14, Luca discovered music. From that point on, instead of playing soccer (he hated it), he started to write songs, lyrics, and he taught himself how to play guitar, bass, drums and everything else that made noise. 

As a student, Luca studied Ancient Latin and Greek. He also discovered a love for the great Italian classical poets, like Ovidio, Catullo, Dante, Petrarca, and D'Annunzio. He admired their ability to convey great emotions and images in just a few brief phrases, and their conviction in their beliefs.Every spare moment, instead of playing soccer, he wrote poetry and dreamed one day he become an American. At age16, he joined the Military Academy of Nunziatella in Naples, Italy. After High School graduation, he spent some time as a world traveler, and became very passionate about windsurfing. 

He explored the South Pacific, Polynesia, Fiiji, Samoa, and the Canary Islands, among other exotic locations. Before he legally emigrated to America, Luca was admitted to the prestigious Rome University Law School, where he excelled until he realized that he was wasting his time in Italy, studying Italian law, when he actually knew in his heart he wanted to become an American.

In 1998, Luca legally emigrated to America where he became a successful business owner in the internet sector with several major dot coms. At the same timem he became a prolific songwriter, producing over 100 songs that he published and released in several CDs. His songs range from political to romantic, and they are sold all over the world on Amazon, Itunes and several retailers. Even with his busy schedule, Luca still loves to sing Italian Serenades, and in honor of his grandfather Bruno, he created his latest project... "the Italian Serenader Live Show".

Singing serenades for Luca is not really a job, it‘s an inherent love... And a way to keep his roots alive, in memory of his grandfather Bruno. It is the nostalgia for Italy that is close to his heart that he shares with his audience.

Luca when he does not performs live, he spends his time on his ranches in rural Arizona.

Luca while in Rome was also a Roman Gladiator

Luca in Rome as the Roman Poet

Luca in Arizona

Luca at Meo Patacca Restaurant in Rome playing with knives

Bruno, Luca's grandfather, the first Italian Serenader in the family

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