Intro: Luca's Italian Serenader Live Show

Good evening, Buonasera! My name is Luca, and tonight I am your Italian serenader from Rome. Welcome to my Italian Serenader Live Show

where you can experience authentic Italian Serenades and dedicate them to anyone in the audience. Before we start, does any one here know what a serenade is? A serenade is a calm song, usually romantic, sung in someone's honor. During the Renaissance in Italy, the classic Serenade was from a lover to his lady, watching from a window above.

The lover used to hire the serenader and romance her all night from the street in this way. This custom is still practiced in Italy now, and tonight, even though you are in America, you can too, can experience it live.

For me singing serenades is much more than just singing... it is an opportunity to bring back memories of my past life in Italy and also to honor my grandfather Bruno.

He was a successful business man, but also he was a very romantic, traditional person. When I was a little child with my grandfather in his office, he used to sing Italian Serenades to entertain me.

Tonight, I am not just me singing songs: I will become your personal serenader, so you can become part of the show, too!

If you want to share your feelings with somebody in this audience, or renew your love for your partner, or you want to break the ice with a special person in this audience who you would like to meet maybe after the show is over, I'm here to assist you by being your Italian Serenader, singing on your behalf.

Now, let's start with the first serenade of the Night!

We need a volunteer, a man or a woman--after all we are in modern times--who wants to dedicate a serenade to somebody special tonight.

Here he is... Come here on the stage What is your name, sir? Mark

Ok, now your name is Marco, (be consistent with the name!)

Where are you from? I am from Kingman

Ok Marco, now you are a traditional Italian lover, and you have me as your serenader to be your voice and sing to whoever you choose in this audience.

Who is the person who would like to have serenaded?

Please write down the brief message you would like me to share with the lucky person.

While he's writing, let's call the person on the stage... come milady, come!


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